Adventure Activities

Up for a Challenge?

Cuskinny is all about experiencing the great outdoors in fun and creative ways. Whether its team adventure challenges, educational tours or group activities for a fun day out , Cuskinny will work with you to develop a unique programme to suit your individual requirements.

The range of activities and exercises we have to offer have been designed to support learning and positive group dynamics. Cuskinny promises to be a fun day out for every group.

We offer sea and land based activities and we have the local knowledge and advice you need to help you get the most out of your stay.

Here is a flavour:

Squirrel Trail Low Ropes Course

This is a low ropes course challenge where your team has to get from start to finish going tree to tree without touching the ground.

Smugglers Quest

In the cellars of Cuskinny Court lie buried some secrets from the past.  In this 40 minute challenge a team will have to complete 4 challenges to unlock the treasure.

Wilderness Skills 

From how to build a shelter & fire starting to collecting water and making it safe to drink, this is a fun way to get close to nature.  We provide everything you need so get ready to get up close with nature! Fully supervised!

Tree Climbing

Get a birds eye view as you scale to the top of some of the trees on the estate with the safety provided by our climbing instructors and ropes.

Mucky Obstacle Course Challenge 

Compete with your team to complete the obstacle course challenges in the fastest time. This natural obstacle course provides a range of challenges for every group.

Grass Sledging 

Similar to the winter sport of tobogganing the sledger will experience the thrill of sledging down hill.  Our grass sledges run on caterpillar tracks that allow them to run on grass.  Each Sledge is fully equipped with brakes!


For all budding robin hoods and maid Marion’s our purpose built archery range is a great place to start on our Introduction to Archery Course.  This is a fun way for people to learn about the sport and the session is filled with fun competitions to find out who’s the sharp shooter.  Also available intermediate and advanced lessons.

Shelter Building 

Children will be demonstrated a number of methods of building a basic shelter using natural materials found in the woods, they will then in small groups each go off and find the materials and build their own shelter.  We can also show them how to build basic “TEEPEE” style tents using bamboo poles, material and string.

Junior Survival Skills 

Here junior visitors will be shown a number of fun ways of surviving in the wild.  Some examples would be: How to collect water from trees, how to light a fire using a magnifying glass (weather dependent – you need a sunny day).

Nature Crafts

Here we take the group will be briefed on making a piece of personal art out of objects found in nature – they will be taken on a trail to forage for pine cones, branches, bark and anything else that that might make an interesting piece.  They will then be brought to an indoor area where there will be various arts and crafts materials for putting their piece together.

Back woods Cooking in the Wild

There is nothing like cooking over a campfire! Learn to cook your very own 4 course meal with no pots, pans or cooking utensils. Learn the lost art of cooking with nature as your kitchen. Be warned our Chef is very passionate about his menu!

Team Building 

A range of games test your skills in team work, communication and problem solving.  Great fun for all ages.


Test your map reading skills navigating and solving some great puzzles as you find your way around our 15 acre estate. 

Sensory Trail 

Here the group are blindfolded and led through a trail that explores touch, sound, smell and spacial awareness.

Drumming Circle
Experience the spontaneous creation of music in the wild. Our leader will help each person in the group drum together to create their own unique sound. This exercise is a fun and exciting way to bring people together through music
Rolling Boulder Challenge
Using our giant Kinball (Soft ball) experience the Indiana Jones challenge, the domino line, and fun other games! This is a team building exercise with lots of fun and laughter included!


This introduction to kayaking uses the very popular sit-on-top kayak and involves lots of fun and games.  From rafting to ball games this is a big hit with young and old alike.  All equipment and instructors provided.  Just wear swim wear and shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

Raft Building 

Against the clock participants are giving all the equipment they need to construct their craft and with the help of our instructors take to sea to race against the other teams.  A great activity which builds on teamwork and communication.  Be warned you will get wet!

Campfire Circle Facilitation 

If you wish to get the full Scout experience but need a little bit of help to get your group going we have a range of facilitators to give you campfire circle experience to remember. Why not round of your experience with an old fashioned Cuskinny Campfire Circle Singsong experience with homemade hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows

Full or half day programmes available to groups.