Seasonal Events



The Cork North Pole Outpost Experience

Cuskinny Court is thrilled to be selected as The Cork Outpost for the North Pole for a forth year in a row! The Cork North Pole Outpost Experience is a fun and imaginative theatrical production bringing to life the real values of a Cork good ol’ fashioned Christmas. Every year the elves bring a truly unique experience for families.

Set deep in the woods, in a private and family friendly setting, we bring you into a magical world of busy Elves. Interactive and intriguing characters, bring a curious difference to the life at Cork’s only North Pole outpost.

Parents are encouraged to involve themselves and play alongside their children, which makes for a fabulous and brilliantly entertaining experience for the whole family!

santa cork


For bookings Call Us on 021 4855831 or Email us!


Ghoulsley’s Manor

Ghoulsley’s Manor is an immersive & interactive halloween experience for families. Meet the unusual occupants of the haunted Manor in this hilariously ghoulish experience.

What to Expect:

An enchanted spell will transform Cuskinny Court into Ghoulsley’s Manor this Halloween. Lord Ghoulsley and his mischievous and ghastly groupies invite you to experience a haunted tour:

  • Meet Lord Ghoulsley and listen to some of his terrible tales
  • Visit Vladimir the Vegetarian Vampire and hear his woes of being a vegetarian in a world of bloodsucking vampires
  • Wonder into Wanda the Witch’s parlour, cast some silly spells and mix some petrifying potions
  • Descend into the underground cellars of the manor and visit Dr. Frankenfarter and help him sort out some behavioural issues he is having with his monster
  • Be on the look out for other ghoulish ghosts lurking in the dim candle lit corners of the Ghoulsley Dungeons
  • This experience lasts 50 minutes to 1 hour approximately
  • Suitable for families and ideal for children from 4 to 14 years

Ghoulsley’s Manor is mainly an indoor experience with a small outdoor element so we would advise dressing for the season! Halloween costumes are of course encouraged but be sure to wear good comfortable shoes. High heels not advised!!!

For bookings Call Us on 021 4855831 or Email us!